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Amen! Donít let this regime screw things up anymore. Heck, maybe even wait another year for Massi U to become a free agent.

Iím fine with Miller rest of the way, unless you find your GM / HC duo sooner...

Morris and a DAL 1st for Massai!

Donít discount Kidd, either, as HC bc some feel heíll attract Giannis. Lol.

And, donít fire Mills but keep him at MsG and have next GM report to that tool.

Last night was a late game for us fans, and the Knick players too. They had to be tired and sleepy missing 70 shots from FG n FT in the game .. plus the Knicks 48 minute of playing a half-court offense without any team-movement involve SMH
Plus the Blazers had the Knicks running back on defense quick because the Blazers run-run SSOL transition offense out-score the Knicks every quarter to gain a 30 pt lead early in the 4th quarter.