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    Default L. Rose or D. Rose?

    As for the title I would prefer Derrick Rose over Leon Rose. Not as President but on the Knicks.

    Big Question: Who is the BB person in this new Front Office? BTW the first thing I would have done my first day would have been to fire Scott Perry and his whole staff and scouts. Moving right along!!

    For the new President of the Knicks I'm not on board just yet. There are somethings that bother me about his hiring. One is he knowledgeable of BB? That is a short statement but very powerful because of what it mean to Knicks fan base. This is a big concern and the article in the NY Post didn't do anything to relive me of that concern.

    One that stood out was Myers saying he did a year of assistant GM which really help him to prepare for the GM job. Rose doesn't have that in his resume' if I'm not mistaken. Myers also mention being on UCLA coaching staff that help with scouting and evaluating talent. I heard that Rose was a high school & college coach for two or three years. It didn't say what schools.

    To me it a BIG DIFFERENT in being President of a NBA team and being a player agent. Being an agent you are trying to sign players and then
    get them a good contract. Knowing talent isn't a Major quality that is needed. On the other hand being a NBA President you have to know talent especially when it comes to the draft. Some might say well that is what you have scouts for and you take there suggestions and decide who to pick. In the Knicks case or Rose case he doesn't have Ben Jobe or C. Gaines to get valuable info. For those of you that don't know who Ben Jobe he was a scout in the organization for years and pass a few years back.

    Will the new President select a GM that is a good BB man? Then turn over the day to day working of getting new scouts and preparing for the draft?

    Most believe that Rose 1st day as President was GREAT because the Knicks won the game. Well, that fight with Spike Lee is going to be trouble for him and the Knicks. If you remember the hiring of the agency to make us 'cool'(whatever in the hell that means in BB world). What are all of this year F.A. going to think? Any chance of signing one now? This could be the straw that breaks the camel back with the league and force Dolan to sell like they did Sterling(Clippers). If that happen will the new owner keep Rose and his new FO?

    I need to see some BB knowledge from Rose or the hiring of a real BB person. Not firing Perry day 1 is troubling!!!

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