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    Please show me and everybody in this forum where C. Gaines(you did mean him) admits Frank is a mistake. Didn't you just say in a previous post that Phil and Gaines said Frank was perfect PG for running the triangle? You keep forgetting the environment that Frank was drafted under. It good to be able in hindsight to say we should have drafted this person or that person. Now if you on record for saying D.M. was better fit than Frank by all mean show it to me. I will give you credit for being out front on that issue. See I'm out front and on the record saying draft back the last two years.

    Every time you talk about the triangle there aways something new about why it wouldn't work. The 3pt shot would hinder the triangle in what way? You don't run the triangle on defense just offense, OK. Quoting you "Getting open 17 ft shots is a strategy of the past". Then on every possession on offense you are shooting 3's, huh?? You said, IT!!

    Tell everybody why Phil needed cash from the Knicks? Two championships with the Knicks, Championships with the Bulls and Championship with the Lakers. Just spell it out to me why Phil needed cash, Seriously??

    We don't need to talk about Noah, Melo & Fisher. I agree!! Now as for Early over Jokic there are 30 some other picks before Jokic was taken. So it was just the Knicks. 'B free agents'?? It looks like Phil wasn't interested in signing top tier FA. Phil was looking to build the team from within and that what I would do right now. Not sign FA.

    Phil didn't send Gaines to scout KP for months to pass on him. So not sure where you getting that one from. Beside did you forget that Gaines is stupid enough to draft players over hype players from Duke. Just Perry is dumb enough to do that.

    There isn't a limb to go out on to defend Phil and his record. Try defending Mills and Perry and if you want a list of their mistakes it in the thread "Indictment of New Management".

    I think after last year draft or before Gaines contract expired. That is why I was hoping Mills and Perry would use him since that kept him for 2018 draft. That is the reason RJ was drafted because he was not use even if under contract.

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