Thinking about starting a separate topic to follow the events that are coming our way, NBA or non-NBA related.

The WHO has declared it pandemic as of yesterday so things are dead serious right now and everyone should feel responsible for himself and his close ones until scientist can develop a vaccine. It might take months or years to reach the public because developing is one thing but testing it requires a lot of time to observe how the human body might react to it so until that happens, expect to face some difficult times.

Don't be shy to buy larger amounts of non-perishable foods and items, sanitizers and anything that might be difficult to obtain case transports slow down (and they will). Stay home unless it's something important that you need to do. Avoid large crowds, wash hands frequently and avoid touching your mouth, nose & eyes as much as possible. If your job allows it, apply for home office.

Pat posted this article in the Hawks game thread which goes deep into the situation.

I also recommend Joe Rogan's podcast from the other day with Michael Osterholm, an expert in infectious disease epidemiology. A lot of good info in those 90 minutes.

The NBA has suspended activity as of today following Utah Jazz' Rudy Gobert being tested positive for coronavirus. Apparently the only other guy who was also tested positive, out of 58 tests on the Jazz organization only Donovan Mitchell was also confirmed (per Shams).

The five teams that played the Jazz the last 10 days will send their players to self-quarantine (Knicks included)

Feel free to share anything you find important about this.