My thoughts on the Knicks 7 Young-Core Players:

1. Frank & Dotson .. Complimentary performance need to have a full season under the right coaching-staff (Mark Jackson/Atkinson) for both players to become tough 2-Way performance guards to use as starters & finishers in their 5th season.

2. Trier .. has a raw potential to be a decent high scoring role-player that brings energy off the bench (Lou Williams). Need to practice play-maker skills in the offseason to complete his role as a combo-guard.

3. DSJ & Knox & Barrett .. Still don't know, very questionable. All three players had decent rookie season. They have showed to be utility players. Their individual talent have not showed any chemistry in lineups with teammates under head-coach Fiz & Miller. Which has most fans feeling they were not worth the draft pick they were selected.

4. MitchRob .. Will be a future All-Star .. 4 year $$$ extension !!!

My thoughts on the Knicks 7 Veteran Players:

5. Randle .. Never seen a player like Clumsy Randle-Handle .. For every one strong area of Randle's talents, Randle has 2 weak areas within his perfomance to counter. Randle's defensive-end effort are questionable, and his offense in every lineup should be the 4th option in scoring.

6. Taj Gibson .. An experience player/coach/mentor having a high IQ in NBA teams system. Keeper!

7. Harkless .. Have a strong complimentary 2-way performance to be the right chemistry role-player to bring off the bench.

8. Portis .. Still need lots of work on being a consistent 2-Way player, to show some type of consistency on at least one side of the court when weak on the other each game.

9. Payton .. Serviceable, but not an elite PG to build around as a starter or finisher. He doesn't have the mindset to be clutch.

10. Ellington .. A perimeter shooter to bring off the bench.

11. Bullock .. Has a talent & performance u keep for only one season on a team. Especially when u have a Knick roster of 3 young guards (Dotson, Trier, and RJ) that could replace Bullock having a better performance. Will Bullock $4M contract make him a keeper this offseason?

What's your thoughts on the 2019-20 Knicks players ???

My thoughts on the Knicks having the 6th pick in the 2020 draft, we should have our choice of Cole Anthony or Tyrese Haliburton.