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    Default The Kith city edition jerseys

    First of all what's a Kith and since when did they become so popular? I really didn't hear about them up until now and all of a sudden they're dropping out the Knicks city edition jerseys. At first when i saw the leaked photos i thought (then hoped) it was a joke but apparently they're the real deal and they've already started a marketing campaign with cam'ron, juelz santana and jim jones.

    What are your thoughts on them?
    For me, they look like a crappy rip-off of the Nets city editions and it really hurts me to say that.

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    I like them. I just wish they used anyone on the Knicks besides Kevin Knox to showcase them with

    Its a tricky time to be buying a Knicks jersey. Just about anyone on the team could be gone a year from now

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    Kith is a clothing brand started by Ronnie Fieg. He's a designer/entrepreneur from Queens NY

    The brand started like a decade ago and its been hot ever since. They kinda copied the Supreme blueprint by doing sneaker/clothing collabs with well known brands. Thats how they got big.

    Tbh this city edition jersey is okay, it could've been way better. The Air Force 1s they put out with the diplomats was fire tho

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