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    Default KEEP EM or DUMP EM:

    It not alot going on so decided to start this thread. Please join in and let see what we are all thinking. Of course there will a different of opinions on each and every player. It should be good to know how everybody feel right now before the draft.

    Take the entire roster and express what you think about each one(Pro and Con). Players, Coaches and F.O. etc. Let just stay with the roster for right now.

    Ok, this is what I think of the Knicks:

    Let start with the Starting Five:

    1. Taj Gibson – C:

    DUMP – At 35 years old why would you sign him? If it was to tutor MRob then that should have been done with a ‘Big Man’ coach not a player. His played toward the last part of the season was very good. Again he is 35 and not a part of the future. MISTAKE SIGNING:

    1. Julius Randle – PF:

    KEEP – This was a tuff decision because of his number and no other 1A or B option. I’ll explain… he is definitely not a #1 option fit for this team but his number show that he could be a #2 or B option. The question is how to use him in the offense. If we can get a #1 option (like a Cousins) or MM sign back then rearrange the offense so he doesn’t IZO and handle the ball. He did play decent defense. Still think he is an odd/square piece for a round hole until he readjust. Jury is still out on this one:

    1. Mo Harkless – SF:

    DUMP – I didn’t want him to begin with when MM was traded. The kid MFiondu Kal(PF) was who to me would have been better for rebuilding. He join a team where shooting is a problem and he didn’t make it any better (just one game). He did play good defense because he was taking RJ man to minimize his lack of defense. Took the wrong player:

    1. Elfrid Payton – PG:

    DROP -- His number are good and he plays decent defense. So what is the PROBLEM?? He another one of those odd/square pieces on this team that doesn’t seem to fit. This seem to be his problem everywhere he been. Payton not being a good outside shooter (welcome to the party) was highlighted especially in the 4th quarter of games. The team didn’t respond for someone with the kind of number he was putting up. Mudiay anybody!! MISTAKE SIGNING:

    1. RJ Barrett – SG:

    DUMP – This shouldn’t surprise anyone in this forum knowing how I feel about this #3 pick of the 2019 draft. We shouldn’t have to go thru all of what I see as wrong but here a couple. We drafted a SF that he couldn’t win that position so the force him to play PG (which was a horrible mistake) then they gave the SG job so not to look like fools (Front Office). He doesn’t play a lick of defense the whole season. The one time he TRIED to play defense the Sun’s game he got into foul trouble in the first quarter. The last game of the season with the Hawks he didn’t get a foul until overtime period. SERIOUSLY!! ENOUGH!! THIS WAS A MONUMENTIAL MISTAKE:

    Damyean Dotson – SG:
    KEEP DEFINETELY – Your best all-around player that doesn’t get off the bench and you playing scrubs like RJ and Ellington. SERIOUSLY!! I would say he is the best outside shooter on this team. Plays good defense, can drive the ball to the basket and doesn’t IZO. I’m not sure what Fiz and Miller was thinking keeping him on the bench. This one is a no-brainer for me. SHOULD BE KEPT AT ALL COST:

    Frank Ntilikina – PG:
    KEEP DEFINETELY – When Frank found a need or ordered to be more aggressive and shoot more it seem to bring out the player we want him to be as a player. I will always say that not keeping D. Rose on this roster hurt Frank and the team. Never saw a problem with his shooting form or mechanics so it not how but went his shots were going to start falling. Again, this one is a no-brainer. KEEP AT ALL COST:

    Mitchell Robinson – C:
    KEEP DEFINETELY – Most think that he is alright and just need to start and stay out of foul trouble. Well I see an incomplete player with a great need for a ‘Big Man’ coach. Someone like Kevin Garnet. For a player not to attempt a jumper in two years say’s that he missing something in practice. Never understood how Fiz getting the coaching job and knowing you have a player like MRob and you don’t have a big man coach. Being able to put the ball on the floor would take his game to new heights. Again, this is a no-brainer. KEEP AT ALL COST:

    Kevin Knox – SF:
    KEEP DEFINETELY – This year I saw a big improvement his individual defense. Something that Miller wanted from him. Saw team running him off pick more and more just like Frank. His switching on defense as the season process was very good. Like Frank I don’t see any wrong with his shooting form or mechanics. So put the defense and offense together and we have a pretty good player. KEEP AT ALL COST:

    Bobby Portis – C:
    KEEP – This at one time wasn’t a tuff decision but the end of the season changed my thinking. He slowly begin to round the sharp edges of that square block off. A player that fit in nicely with that second unit and some chemistry started to brew. The jumper was falling and blending in nicely with ball moving. Bobby to me deserve another chance on this team. If he can improve his shot blocking that would be nice. ANOTHER YEAR FOR BOBBY:

    Allonzo Trier – SG:
    KEEP -- This isn’t hard at all for me. I think he should have been playing a lot more. Going IZO and playing defense were the two knots against him. From what I saw in him the IZO is gone and I saw him passing the ball when in the pass he would take the shoot. On this team he could have done that but it would have made much different. As much as we need offense coaches kept him on the bench. A valuable player if he can play defense:

    Dennis Smith Jr. – PG:
    DUMP – Wish this could have a better ending!! This is another mistake by F.O.(Mills/Perry). Always trying to uproot Frank and now they have egg on their faces. DSJ need new team where he can work out his problems and not be in the NY spotlight. There was one or two games that he played pretty good in then he got hurt again. Let hope for the best for him and a good draft pick for us. He need new scenery:

    Wayne Ellington – SG:
    Reggie Bullock – SG:
    DUMP -- To me both were supposed to be the outside shooting we so desperately needed. Well I never saw that shooting on a nightly basics. No need to bring either back. DIDN’T WORK, GOOD TRY:

    Ignas Brazdekis – SF:
    DUMP – I’m still trying to figure out why you would pay a million dollar to move up to draft him. He is a carbon copy of RJ!! They both need the ball to effect the game. If not they are invisible. Another IZO player that we don’t need. TRADE EM IF POSSIBLE:

    Kenny Wooten – PF:
    KEEP – Everybody want to see this kid with the big Knicks but the F.O. So why wasn’t he given a chance to play alongside of MRob with the second unit. All I have seen is highlight film but the knot is he doesn’t score enough. MOST DEFINITELY KEEP THIS KID:

    Mike Miller and his coaching staff:
    DUMP EM ALL -- That Right!! I see no reason to keep any of them. The only innovative thing I saw he do was in the Washington game when he bench the starting 5 early in the 1st quarter. At no other point and time did he do anything close to that. NEVER CHANGED THE STARTING LINEUP!!(unless force to do so). One of my biggest concerns was no ‘big man’ coach on this team to help MRob. This was a major flaw with Fiz and Miller. NO JEFF or NO TOM T. either:

    Leon Rose:
    Too early to tell about him right now. He has made one BIG mistake already. Scott Perry should have been fired the first moment he walk into the Garden. I don’t see a BB person in him. HE AN AGENT!! The question is whether he recognize the problem that exist and the need for a real BB person to be hired. LET PRAY THAT HE KNOW WHAT HE DOING!! I HAVE MY DOUBTS:

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