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Dark, you’re talking about the Clips and DAL picks which are going to be late first round picks and RJ. Utah is not even going to talk to the Knicks until we throw in MRob or replace those picks with our own picks which will probably be lottery picks. DAL and Clips pick and RJ would be an insane deal for an AS like DM.

You wouldn't do our unprotected pick this year, DAL IN 2021 and RJ? I would.
No, No, No!!
I said, RJ and LAC first OR one of Dal first. Yeah, that all I'm willing to pay for DM. I'm going to use RJ or DM on draft night to get Edward always so it doesn't matter. RJ or DM doesn't fit the core of what I see in the Knicks. No MRob because he is more valuable than RJ.