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    Nba Logo Five bold predictions for the long-awaited return of the NBA playoffs

    Five bold predictions for the long-awaited return of the NBA playoffs

    The NBA playoffs will give sports fans a smorgasbord of games when the 2019-20 season returns July 31 following a hiatus. The new format is sure to deliver an unprecedented amount of parity since there will be no homecourt advantage with games played on a neutral court in Orlando without fans and the rhythm that teams usually develop over the course of a typical 82-game season offset the COVID-19 crisis. How healthy, deep and cohesive teams show up will be completely unpredictable given their time away from the gym. Read more ....

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    I said in another thread the Pels were on the cusp and ahead of the Mavs to become a force in the NBA, not sure it’ll happen this year since Zion is still a rookie with very little experience. The article also has the possibility of the Mavs upsetting the Clips, doubt that. Lakers have been my fav all year to win it all.

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