Sg-Bernard King
Pf-willis reed
C-Pat Ewing

Bench-Walt Frazier, Sprewell, Houston, Earl Monroe, Dave Debusschere, Jerry Lucas, Richie Guerin, Camby or Chandler

First off let me apologize for my little joke. Obviously Walt Frazier is the starting point guard and in my opinion to this day hes one of the best and most valuable point guards of all time

Some would argue Marbury doesnt belong on the team. And thats ok lol im not going to assemble an army of Starbury fans and insult people for disagreeing. I would leave him off the team myself because he didnt play with us long enough or have enough success

Anyways, all jokes aside. I think theres a good number of teams that would be better then us, but no team in the east would be able to easily eliminate the Knicks in a best of 7

I think we would out ip a good fight against the Celtics, the Bulls, Miami and whoever else

Just one more thing...the lineup i put together is just an example (minus the Marbury joke)

If you dont think Bernard King shouldnt be slid down to the 2 guard thats fine. Im not looking for a debate about how the lineup should be put together but if you want to comment on that feel free too.

My main question is how we would stack up against other teams