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He's not a PG,his handle isn't good enough and may never be. There was a play where Murray stripped him and it reminded me of a game last year where the announcer from I forget what team they were playing against said his handle was suspect and players would test his handle whenever they could. He also doesn't get deep enough into the paint because of it, notice the number of times he gives up the ball 10 ft from the hoop.

His best shot wherever he winds up in FA will be as a 3 and D off guard and he needs to stay healthy for the rest of the season. Pretty sure he'll be trade bait for help in the playoff push along with Rivers KK and perhaps even Bullock or Burks.

Frank only flaw is his high dribble, and being a Frenchy in NY.
Frank is more than a 3 and D guy.
Phil drafted Frank's raw skills to put alongside D.Rose in the backcourt as a tandem.
Frank & Quickley's skills are best suited at the SG position, because the two players have a handle where they could pass the ball off their dribble as a combo guard leading a break.
The four different FLAWED head-coaches Frank had as a Knicks had no type of offense/defense plan for a Knicks team to win above 40% of a 82 game season.
They all needed an experience NBA PG with creative offensive skills to win games.
Even our assistant-coach today needed Jason Kidd PG leadership to have the best coaching season of his career.
Thibs has never been a good offensive-coach however, Thibs is a great defensive-coach. The reason why Thibs had to get D.Rose & Butler for the Wolves to make the playoffs, and now D.Rose for the Knicks.

I actually believe Leon & Thibs are afraid to trade Frank to the wrong team because Frank may flourish in the next team rotation as a 3 position player.
The Brooklyn Nets Harden could use a player like Frank in his rotation now!