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Drummond may be released soon and Ball is RFA. I think we can simply sign both without surrendering anything.

If we want to ensure we get both, it will probably cost us Knox, Toppin and a pick
Or 2. Iím with you... go get these 2.

It wonít cost a Melo type haul, and you ensure you get both.

With Ball, RJ, Randle and Drummond... we are officially relevant
I doubt we can get both by sitting on our hands and doing nothing. In Ballís case heís playing himself into receiving a contract, heís been really good lately. Iíd trade for him honestly...Clippers are lurking heavy

Drummond we could get off waivers(if he wants to sign here) but again thatís a sign M-Rob is about done here. I envision heíll make a move based on which team he can showcase himself for a new deal in a winning position