Also sounds like Knox is done here. They wonít give up on Obi after a few months. Why? Weíve seen a lot more from Knox his rookie year, surrounded by lesser talent and inferior coaching... than the crap play on the court weíve seen from Toppin.

What bigger indictment could there have been than during dunk contest the announcers said only 1/3 participants were bball players, and the other 2 guys just jumpers.

Obi is shooting 30% from downtown and 73% from FT. He has 19 turnover to 18 blocks/steals combined. He has 16 offensive rebounds all year. In other words, he contributes very little when heís actually on the floor.

Is this all confidence? I hope so; I really do hope I am wrong and he just explodes... I have no doubt he practices hard and is a good soldier. He just isnít what he was billed to be: an off force. It also makes you wonder if Perry/Rose did any homework for draft or just circled the CAA client on the top the board.

He could dominate guys in the post in college, bc he was going up against smaller, younger future dentists and chiropractors at Dayton.

We have the coaches tho... get in the lab, work on him for 18 months, and hopefully come 2022-2023 we have a guy off the bench who can give us a quality 18 minutes.

Not exactly what you are looking for with the 8th pick... but it doesnít appear to be a Jokic or Curry we passed on. So, we live and learn.

But, still... if we draft Halliburton instead of Obi we are 27-17 instead of 22-22.

The Randle transformation is incredible. We actually have 1 of a BIG 3 already. And, with RJ, IQ, MRob we also have the surrounding depth pieces. Now we just need the other 2 of a BIG 3.

And, with Randle becoming this force... just makes having Obi here more meaningless. Even if Obi was a rising stud, where does he play? He canít play SF or C!!!!