Anyway, I do agree. I donít want the ball anywhere near RJ with game on the line. This is why you need a ball-dominant player to make decisions, distribute, and score...

ďItís what he thinks, itís his read. Itís an isolation-type play with three options,íí Thibodeau said. ďThat was one of them.Ē

ďI felt it was the best shot available,íí Barrett said. ďIíll have to go back and look at it.íí

Meanwhile, the No. 1 pick in the 2020 draft, Anthony Edwards, soared late and made a big driving basket past Barrett down the stretch and finished with 24 points.

Edwards said the Timberwolves wanted to keep the ball away from Randle on the last possession.

ďWe told Jaden try not let Randle catch the ball, let someone else beat us,Ē Edwards said on the final play. ďGladly RJ caught it and if he made the shot we wouldíve lived with it. Thatís who we wanted taking the shot. We didnít want anyone else take it.Ē

ďThey just wanted it more than us in the fourth,íí Barrett said.