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I am in shock he actually had an off rebound putback. Wow. I thought all he could do was dunk on the fastbreak.

Not sure Thibbs didnít go back to second unit for entire fourth, based on how the starters played.

Still, 2 rebounds and 0 assists. My biggest beef with him is he doesnít do anything to help the team except score (and he doesnít score often).

If he is so athletic, where he can dunk on a 20 foot hoop. Whereís the rebounds and blocks?

Still, he almost hit double figures... so, I guess thatís a good thing.
Have you seriously looked at our rotation and the role of each player on the team in how they play. I mean I can understand the Halliburton side of the frustration but Maf are you seriously being fair with this kid?

You think Thibs is giving him a genuine look into whatever his potential may be?

Iím truly shocked at how hard you ride him!