From the Daily Quikie:

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Two Words For You:

It's official, unless you had already figured it out by now:

Isiah has ruined the Knicks.

In one day.

Again. (Sigh.)

*Traded away his one legit C.
*Traded for 2 6-6 "power" Fs.
*Took on $32M in new salary.

Other GMs must salivate working with him, because he's such a nincompoop. I'd rather root for a team run by misers than run by the budget-busting Thomas.

At least the misers have room to grow if they change their mind.

Isiah has locked the Knicks into mediocrity -- or worse -- for the rest of the decade. Just when there appeared to be light coming from, oh, say, 2007 or so ...

Rebuilding has always been a curse word for the Knicks, and that underlying principle has kept (and will continue to keep) the team the NBA's No. 1 embarrassment in its No. 1 market.

Say it with me:

Worst. GM. Ever.


just another example that espn hates new york