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    Default 2021 NBA Draft Tiebreakers Announced

    Knicks finally win something, lottery-related. NYK will be selecting #s 19, 21, 32, 58

    From ESPN:

    The Knicks lost Game 1 to the Hawks in their first-round series.

    But New York bested Atlanta – and the Lakers and Trail Blazers – in tiebreakers for the 2021 NBA Draft.

    The NBA held random drawings today to determine the order of three sets of first-round picks:

    The league also held drawings to determine lottery seeds among three sets of tied teams:

    • 4/5: Thunder, Cavaliers
    • 8/9/10: Bulls (Magic), Kings, Pelicans
    • 11/12: Hornets, Spurs

    Oklahoma City and Cleveland will each have equal odds of getting each of the top four picks. The Thunder will just pick ahead of the Cavs if neither team gets drawn in the lottery. Both teams have a 45% chance of picking top four.

    Likewise, Chicago, Sacramento and New Orleans will each have equal odds of moving into each of the to four picks. All three teams have a 20% chance of landing top four. But the Bulls owe the Magic a top-four-protected pick. So, this tiebreaker really benefits Orlando.

    Because there are an odd number of lottery combinations for the No. 11 and No. 12 lottery seeds to split, Charlotte gains a slight edge over San Antonio for moving into the top four. Far more likely, Charlotte will now draft No. 11 and San Antonio No. 12.

    The lottery is scheduled for June 22 to completely resolve the draft order.

    For now, here are the mostly set picks 15-60:

    First round
    15. Wizards
    16. Celtics
    17. Grizzlies
    18. Rockets or Thunder (via Heat)*
    *Houston will receive this pick if its own first-rounder lands top four (and therefore isn’t conveyed to Oklahoma City). Otherwise, the Thunder will get this pick.
    19. Knicks
    20. Hawks
    21. Knicks (via Mavericks)
    22. Lakers
    23. Rockets (via Trail Blazers)
    24. Rockets (via Bucks)
    25. Clippers
    26. Nuggets
    27. Nets
    28. 76ers
    29. Suns
    30. Jazz

    Second round
    31. Bucks (via Rockets)
    32. Knicks (via Pistons via Clippers via 76ers)
    33. Magic
    34/35. Pelicans (via Cavaliers via Hawks) or Thunder
    34/35. Pelicans (via Cavaliers via Hawks) or Thunder
    36. Thunder (via Timberwolves via Warriors)
    37. Pistons (via Raptors via Nets)
    38/39/40. Pelicans, Kings or Bulls
    38/39/40. Pelicans, Kings or Bulls
    38/39/40. Pelicans, Kings or Bulls
    41/42. Spurs or Pistons (via Hornets via Knicks)
    41/42. Spurs or Pistons (via Hornets via Knicks)
    43. Pelicans (via Wizards via Bucks via Cavaliers via Jazz)
    44. Nets (via Pacers)
    45. Celtics
    46. Raptors (via Grizzlies via Kings)
    47 Raptors (via Warriors via Jazz via Pelicans)
    48. Hawks (via Heat via Kings via Trail Blazers)
    49. Nets (via Hawks)
    50. 76ers (via Knicks)
    51. Grizzlies (via Trail Blazers via Mavericks via Pistons via Cavaliers)
    52. Pistons (via Lakers via Kings via Rockets via Pistons)
    53. Pelicans (via Mavericks)
    54. Pacers (via Bucks via Rockets via Cavaliers)
    55. Thunder (Nuggets via Warriors via 76ers)
    56. Hornets (via Clippers)
    57. Hornets (via Nets)
    58. Knicks (via 76ers)
    59. Nets (via Suns)
    60. Pacers (via Jazz)

    Tied teams will pick in inverse order in the second round from the first round. So, the lottery will effectively determine the 34/45 and 38/39/40 picks.

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    Nice draft pick breakdown.

    It did crack me up when I saw that we got the best outcome with both tiebreakers. Of course itís something like this where we finally have some luck.

    I think 19, 21, and 32 give us a chance to add some more quality young players with a chance to hit big like Quickley or MRob.

    More likely though, Iím guessing that our front office will see if 19, 21, and maybe a future 1st can be packaged to land a big name in the off-season. Just my personal speculation.

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    The #32 is also basically a 1st-round pick as well, so this is good news for us.

    Of the guys that might be available later on, I think Ayo Dosunmu would be a good pick late, and the Knicks are probably going to take BJ Boston out of Kentucky cause of the Calipari-Payne-Rose connection

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    Yes, Boston can easily be knocked out of the race this season, and that's something the Knicks should take advantage of.

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