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    Kemba not a sports writer but he believes in RJ:

    Speaking on the young Barrett, Walker detailed his growth and come-up from the high school level.

    “I’ve just been a fan of him. When he was in high school I saw him play and I saw his highlights and stuff like that, I’ve always been a super-big fan of him. Playing against guys like RJ, the first thing I noticed was how hard he plays, it’s not even the skill. … That’s a real talent, playing hard. So I’m looking forward to just helping those guys a little bit more, teaching them the ropes. Just being a vet.”

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    C'Mon Man!!
    "How hard he plays, it’s not even the skill. … That’s a real talent, playing hard". It not even the skill?? If you notice it not plural(SKILL)... so would I be wrong in saying it one skill, correct? Then "That's a real talent, playing hard"... Well is it or isn't it a talent?

    This sound like Walker is trying real hard to find something good to say about RJ. The only thing he can come up with is that "He plays Hard". Not that RJ is explosive going to basket... Not that is a great 3 pt shooter(now this is what you been harping on).... Not that he is a great/good/decent defender... Not that he can create his own shoot.... But that HE PLAYS HARD, GREAT!!

    If you follow someone growth and playing High School level. And you saw him play you have more to say than he just 'He Plays Hard'. You speak to a game or games when he did this or that. You talk about the impact he had on the game or games.

    Wonder did Walker lobby Boston to trade up to draft RJ?

    BTW, there are 3 other questions in my last post on page 1. Maybe you miss them.

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    The tandem backcourt of Kemba & Barrett as Knicks starters are questionable to me throughout the offseason. I'm just hoping our starter back-court don't turn into the old Charlotte Hornets having Kemba Walker & Gerald Henderson depending on center Al Jefferson performance for a Hornets win.

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    Everything I seen says Walker and Fournier is the new backcourt. So that means RJ is moving to SF. How does the offense work now?? Grind it out, huh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiyaman View Post
    RJ Barrett gets NO praise from me, his b.ball IQ is very LOW from being an individual-player, he's not a complimentary same-page player with any of his teammates on offense/defense.
    Plus RJ Barrett has showed us Knicks fans repeatedly he have to many FLAWS in his inconsistent-performance to be considered a team player, or a starter for the Knicks.
    My evaluation come from RJ Barrett being the Knicks only rookie to receive 30 plus minute of playing-time in every game for two consecutive season.
    RJ Barrett has never showed one performance in the Summer League games or Pre-season games or regular season games that earned him 30 minute of playing-time, or earned him a starter-position.
    Being Knicks GM Perry's 3rd pick in the 2019 draft earned RJ Barrett those luxuries, under three head-coaches in 2 seasons. RJ Barrett were a FLOP in the playoffs!
    The Knicks two 2nd round draft picks this offseason (McBride & Grimes) showed more grit and hustle to win on both sides of the court in the SL games than RJ Barrett showed in two seasons.


    RJ Barrett PPG by month
    October: 17.2
    November: 12.8
    December: 17.6
    January: 21.8
    February: 28.3
    March: 24.3

    20 ppg with good defense at 21 years old, stop hating man. RJ's play you intentionally ignore his good games.

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