Well, we Knicks Fans really missed not having MitchRob defensive presence on the court in the postseason games.
MitchRob are in the final season of his rookie contract, and working hard in the offseason to have a super successful 2021-22 season to get that $$$ paper.

Well, the boot is off MitchRob foot, and he has been rehabing & working-out steady at keeping his body weight solid at a 270/280 margin.
The Knicks having a healthy MitchRob back in the rotation we are going to be leaps and bounds better this season.
MitchRob is still a young player learning, and the Knicks having another season of D.Rose & Taj Gibson as Knicks player/coaches should help improve MitchRob skills by adding a couple of polish post-up moves to lighten up the offense.

My opinion .. Noel & Randle didn't do so bad as front-court starters at the end of last season, and should be starters at the start of the 2021-22 season.
I would like at the start of the 2021-22 NBA regular season for MitchRob to come off the Knicks bench tandem with Obi Toppin in the frontcourt to be apart of D.Rose & Quickley's 2nd unit lineup however, I do want MitchRob to be the Knicks finisher on the court at the end of every game next season.