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You have got to be kidding comparing RJ to Nits?? Nits scored 20 pts once in the 4 years with the Knicks, lost a lot of games to nagging injuries as well while RJ has been an iron man compared to Nits. Over rated defender as well imo, with many nights where he had 0 steals and blocks. Mudiay who was better is out of the league just signing in Lithuania, I see the same for Nits playing in France next season.
There no comparison in Frank and RJ. The comparison was in minutes played. Nothing else!!
Like there light years different in Frank talent and RJ talent. The important different is the people that drafted Frank wasn’t there to force the coach to play him. See Frank wasn’t given 2 positions his rookie year to screw up and play no matter what the outcome. You know this!! It truly unfortunate for the Knicks and Frank.
See you will never see a championship as long as RJ is main player on the Knicks. Sit his butt on the far end of the bench next to the waterboy then there is a chance.