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    What I saw in the loss to the Bull's.
    First - There isn't a true PG out on the floor with Burks at that position.
    Secondly - Burks as I said before magic will only last awhile. Plus Burks looks a little lost at the PG. Not to say he didn't do a decent job but it's something missing. I think he is much better coming off the bench. That could be because he is use to that.
    Thirdly - 'Q' shouldn't be playing during crush time. He is a street baller and I don't understand Thib's fantasy with him. I did see him play some decent defense. He isn't starting material so lets not get carried away with that.
    Fourth - If anything the Bull's showed what true chemistry is when you have a good coach. They ran the court better than the Knicks have ran since Clyde. This is a testament to good BB personal at every level. We don't have that.

    **Finally this should show all Knick fans that the picture that been painted to us by the F.O. is very bad. That picture is a bright future with the players they have assemble. If anyone can see a bright future with this team please tell me. As much as I like Randle you don't build or offense around him. Everybody knows how I feel about RJ. How do you bring in a old coach with old ideas? Just look at the different between Thib's and Donovan of the Bulls. It night and day. Had a chance to watch Stephen Silas last night with Houston. He is doing a very good job with them. Putting vet and young player together. Silas is who I would have sign as the Knicks coach not Thib's.

    ** How do you turn around this mess into a bright future?? Outside of wiping the slate clean with firing everybody.

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    I don’t blame you… I didn’t want DeRozan at that price. Give him credit for the season he’s having….

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    Quote Originally Posted by mafra View Post
    It’s obvious now, passing on Lonzo Ball and DeRozan for Walker and Fournier was the wrong move.

    Where are the Knicks right now with Ball and DeRozan? Walker is out of lineup and Ball would’ve been a nice young piece to add to the collection moving forward.

    DeRozan would’ve stepped up and been 1A/b option with Randle. Ball would be in Ball’s hands….

    Going into the off-season, Ball was the top PG most of us clamored for. Unfortunately, Rose and Perry had another vision.

    Knicks are 11-11…. Are they 16-5 if they signed Ball and DeRozan over Walker/Fournier?
    a few months ago:

    Quote Originally Posted by mafra View Post

    Kemba and Evan are gonna make people eat some words. Huge upgrades over Payton and Dotson. Like going from a scurrilous scarred seahag to a supermodel.

    1. Ball wasn't coming to NY because the front office already decided to let him go to Chicago before we even had a chance to sign him.
    2. DeRozan would not get any spacing because Randle kills it and we have Robinson in the paint. He's better in Chicago for his playstyle.
    3. It was never Ball vs Walker. Ball was already out of reach because our front office was split on him. It wasn't that we picked Walker over Ball.

    Quote Originally Posted by mafra View Post
    It probably makes more sense to wait and sign him as a free agent than give up an asset for him.... I only trade Knits to them if they take Lee.


    Knox, Burke, Trier, Mudiay, Dotson, Knits and Vonleh.

    Toss in a high second rounder... a vet signing big...
    Quote Originally Posted by mafra View Post
    CHA lost on a buzzer-heater...

    Nobody thought adding Kyle Lowry would’ve been the difference... but look at how that worked out for TOR. Lowry was
    about 27-28 when it clicked and he became all star caliber PG... Kemba is 28 now...

    I think a healthy KP, a lottery stud, a shrewd vet signing plus Walker and NY should be a playoff-bound team.

    He’s not my first option, but is sort of like this decade’s Amar’e for us... we won’t be getting the top max types... but... he’s good enough... especially if we add Zion.
    Quote Originally Posted by mafra View Post
    Saw this tweet:

    Fun fact: The Kemba Walker/Evan Fournier tandem had a +30.8 net rating last season. The 2nd best 2-man lineup in the entire NBA.

    … lineups featuring both Fournier and Walker sported a +13.9 differential (good for 98th percentile in the league) and 120.2 points per 100 possessions (good for 93rd percentile in the league.)

    Payton and Bullock lineups posted a -3.1 differential (36th percentile) and 107.7 points per 100 possessions (22nd percentile).

    What was most surprising was how the Fournier and Walker lineups performed on the defensive end. They best the Bullock and Payton lineups in every defensive category except for the offense’s free throw rate.

    The only slight hitch in this data is that the strongest Fournier and Walker lineups featured Fournier at the 3 spot, which most Knicks faithful believe is where RJ Barrett will be most effective.

    It will be up to Tom Thibodeau to unlock Fournier’s efficiency at the 2 spot. If he does, it could result in strong play on both ends of the floor.

    You on Demarr DeRozan

    Quote Originally Posted by mafra View Post
    His stop in SA didn’t do him any favors. I hope we stay far away from him.
    Quote Originally Posted by mafra View Post
    Yikes indeed! Terrible decision.

    We got Evan cheaper than what POR gave to Norman Powell, another guy we supposedly coveted.
    It's easy to say "it was the wrong move now", but you were all about keeping DeRozan from NY. I'm only bringing this to you because I agreed with you. Even with DeRozan playing well, he's 32 years old and isn't a good defender.

    I agree with you here. I'm with on you on when you were aligned with the Kemba. I'm with you when you said we should stay far away from DeMarr. They weren't "wrong" moves. We both saw the logic in them. DeMarr was a better fit in Chicago. Knicks have too many traffic jam-type players with Randle/Robinson/Barrett who gets themselves into contested situations more than they need to.
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