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    Default Portland looking at perry to be next gm:

    Saw reports that Portland is looking at Perry to replace their fired GM. This would be a plus for the Knicks in an effort to rid and cut out the some of the Cancer in this organization. We aren't going anywhere as long as both L. Rose, Perry and Thib's have any part of running the Knicks. Some of you have been silent and voice no concerns about the state of the Knicks. Well it in full glory as I type. Last night game should have woke up most of you for your sleep. If you watch the game with Bull's you saw what was possible with a organization that knows something about BB. In a short period of time the Bull's look like a very well oiled machine. They are missing a PF in my opinion. Just think if they that had got Aaron Gordon before the season.

    Let hope that Perry takes the job and that would mean just getting rid of L. Rose and Thib's.

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    Please take him .. I will buy the one-way ticket !!!

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