There are a lot of things to be said about the current state of affairs with Walker but I will talk about a few.

The Knick organization is HORRIBLE at dealing with complex situations that they create out of incompetent or just plain stupidity. Before I get into the Walker problem lets go back to another player. Anybody remember Joakim Noah and what happen to him or do you. Remember how Horny disrespected Noah by putting him into the game then taking him out. That was a mess that a vet coach should have never let happen. Remember last year playoff game where Thib's put Frank in for 2 second and took him out.
Question - Would you as a player want to play for either coaches? If you don't know the answer is 'HELL NO'!!

Noah is told to leave the team and he didn't give them a break on the money they owe him.

You would think that after just those two situations you would learn how to handle a situation like Walker a lot better. As you can see it didn't happen. How did you get to this point?

First lets go back to his signing. The took a player that NOBODY wanted. Why, because everybody knew what state Walker was in except the Knicks. They were desperate for a player... any player to give them a shot at getting better.

Secondly, How did Walker win the starting PG position? There had to be preseason competition and games and practice. Certainly what is accruing now should've been seen in preseason and practice. You would think, huh. SO DID IT?? Probably but it was ignored and hope for the best.

Thirdly, You don't embarrass a player by publicly saying that he is out of the entire player rotation. You don't take a vet player out of a game when you just put him in the game. You don't put your best defensive player into the game for 2 second and haven't played him the whole game.

This is the cancer that I spoke of in the Thread "Don't take Walker for Granted". What do you think the rest of the player in the league are saying? If it done to Noah, Frank and now Walker don't think it want happen to me if I go there. Now I didn't mention other players like KP, Morris, THJ and other.

There was a way to go about this with Walker but the Knicks aren't accustom to that diplomacy. Start Walker but don't let him play but a few minutes. Call it player time management. Slowly work him out of the almost all of his minutes not to cause a problem.

Now Thib's and F.O. has another big problem. I don't think Thib's really give a damn!! He looks like he is trying to run out the clock on his time as coach and get the hell out.