After watching the Indiana game I noticed a lot of Knicks that could prevent the Knicks from making it all the way. For example, Michael Sweetney, he barely even played and already got two fouls. If thats the case, don't even let him start, Malik can get more done even without practice. Also you got Bruno Sundov. Just waive the guy already, he's done nothing to help us. And of course the huge problem, Stephon Marbury. Guys don't deny it, he truly isn't an exceptional point guard. Steph should get acting lessons from Vlade to get to the line more. When Marbury gets hit, he should at least try to exaggerate how he got hit so the officials can see it. Marbury is too strong yet too small to excel at the point guard position. He never runs the ball up the court (except today when he was sprinting) unless he see a fast break oppurtunity. These Knicks need to get rid of these distractions and start heading down the path to victory.