everybody misses a free throw once in a while. shaq misses half of them.

this is just a thought, but i wonder if the knicks would be better off with stephon as a permanent 2 guard, and jamal crawford at the 1. the 2 is supposed to be a better scorer than the 1. stephon is a better scorer than jamal. jamal can be an adequate 1 (and maybe get better). im sick of seeing the same ol' 20 and 8 from stephon. maybe he is capable of 25 and 5. for example, he gets more assists than allen iverson, but maybe the fact that allen iverson still scores like nuts just because he has that mentality is what makes him better. i wonder how good stephon could be if the coaches really just let him loose and told him to be a ball hog and try to score 40 every night. im starting to think that id rather see him as a ball hogging 25 point per night scorer. sometimes when you try to kill two birds with one stone, you miss both. when stephon tries to please his teammates and the media by looking to pass first and fit the traditional mold of a point guard, he misses out on his scoring. and when i think of stephon, i think of a scorer, not really a passer. every player should focus on his strengths, not just try to fit into the role that he is supposed to play. physically, hes just as gifted as iverson (or at least very close), maybe a little less quick, but bigger and stronger.

so thats my plea to herb williams. make stephon into a 25 and 5 guy from a 20 and 8 guy and see if he can do that. i think he could. and i think it would be better for the team. when he starts getting respect as a scorer and draws double teams, hell be able to get wide open 3 point shots for tim thomas and jamal crawford.