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    Default Randle should never wear a Knicks uniform again.

    1558 minutes played.
    40% FG
    29% 3PT
    3.4 Turnovers Per Game
    1.8 offensive rebounds per game with a 280lb body.
    The worst defender at his position.
    Slows down the pace offensively for the Knicks.

    Randle is easily the worst contract in the NBA.
    The combo of him and Thibs will result is ultimate doom.Randle is the worst rotation player in the league right now. His body language and effort both are low tier.

    Nate McMillan showed the NBA how to make sure Julius never gets into a rhythm and how to keep him off-balance.
    The minute Randle begins to attack the basket, throw a double his way and try to cut off passing lanes. Now, if you watch, teams are deciding to double or not. When Julius knows he will be doubled a lot, he gets into distribution mode and plays well. However, that still doesn't allow him to get into a scoring rhythm. Teams are allowing him to get into a passing rhythm and letting our other players try to beat us. Also, they can create turnovers this way. If Julius isn't being doubled, he struggles even harder because now his teammates don't move without the ball and just watch Julius make a move.

    No one but Mitch gets to the glass either. You just have 3 guys on the perimeter, Mitch staying close to the paint so he doesn't get called for it, and Julius at this point feels that he has to make a shot. With not being in rhythm and teammates being inconsistent in hitting shots, Julius is in a bad place in terms of what decision to make.

    In this game, Jose Alvarado and Josh Hart shut down Julius Randle defensively. Pelicans didn't even need to send their bigs on him. Randle shut us out on both ends.

    How can you throw all the load on RJ who carries us on the court and off the court(only one who shows up to press conferences) and expect that your contract is justified? Randle isn't a vocal leader or stands up for our team.

    There were people on this forum trashing RJ...It's been 7 straight games in which our supposed best player and "leader" has not sat down and talked to the media after a game. But our 21 year old has sat & taken accountability every time. Sit there like a man and take the punches from Berman and media. Randle is a lame and those who gave up on RJ will always be wrong but RJ has carried the load for this team on and off the court.

    When Hawks was giving us that work in the playoffs., Randle didn't even flinch or showed anger. He has fake pride in NY and is just happy he fugazied his way to securing a long term contract because Knicks were desperate and lacking in talent. Julius is the ultimate fail...comeback player of the year was the ultimate grab when he wasn't even top 3 on the team.

    Where is the supposed leader Julius Randle? Why does RJ have to be thrown to the wolves after every loss and not him?

    The worst contract in the league.

    23.7 million in 2022-23
    25.6 million in 2023-24
    27.5 million in 2024-25
    29.4 million in 2025-26 (player option)

    Randle basically cripples our franchise not only for 2022, but until 2026.
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