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    Nyk Logo The Knicks 6 game West Coast Road trip stands at 3-2 in Knicks favor

    The Knicks performance took on a super major change on the West Coast Road Trip.
    Some say, it was the Buzzer-Beater in Phoenix that gave the Knicks a 115-114 Loss to the Suns. A loss that woke-up the entire Knicks team. Randle's foolish ejection after getting away with elbowing a Suns player, then Randle acting crazy after the Suns player shoved him after the elbow. Do you think Randle forgot he sent the same player to the locker-room in the first half running into him with his shoulder?

    The next game vs the Clippers Randle was benched the 4th quarter, and the Knicks won 116-93.

    The Sacramento Kings game when center MitchRob were injured the first 2 minutes of the Game, Randle was forced to play PF throughout the game for the first time this season, and Quickley, Burks, and Barrett did all the facilitating the ball on offense to outscore the Kings in all of the last 3 quarters for a 131-115 Knicks WIN.

    The Dallas Mavs game the Knicks team were so hyped over the last two WINS the Mavs didn't have a chance after tip-off .. Knicks won 107-77

    The Knicks Dynamic Back-Court Trio of Deuce-McBride, Quickley, and RJ Barrett's 4th quarter performance has been unstoppable the last 3 games on both sides of the court.

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    If you looking for a reason for them playing better then look at Burks. His overall play has been much better.

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    The addition of a quick talented defensive PG in the back court, to go with RJ Barrett's quick first step slashing, and Quickley 2-Way decision-making to get meshing in the lineup .. The Knicks new trio back-court are playing to their teammates strength to get WINS.

    Last night, I watch Kyrie use Deuce-McBride defensive methods on Harden in Philly for a Nets BLOW-OUT win over 76ers.

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