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whats so interesting about making game predictions, especially score predictions? its really just a crap shoot to try and guess how many points the teams will score...the only thing you can really use to guess is if they are playing a good defense or not, and if any key guys are injured. i guess there can be other helpful signs, but basically, you really have no idea. everybody will just pull a number out of their ass...and if one person predicts the team will score 100 and another guy said it would be 98, and it turns out to be 98, does that make the person who guessed 98 a better predictor?

and with game predictions, its an 82 game season, every team wins game it should lose and loses games it should win over the course of a season. for example, i have no idea whats going to happen in the next game the knicks play, but overall, i can predict that they wont make the playoffs and finish below .500.

i like doing pregame analysis and just noticing general trends and other important notes (like nba.com does in its previews of each matchup), because thats more interesting and more useful.
yea i agree with "a knick fan". it's sorta pointless predicting all this stuff....its not a big deal anyways....i juss hope the knicks actually "rebuild" and get sum big men and perhaps make the playoffs sum day lol