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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Raider View Post
    Got a question to anyone that can(not want) answer it.
    Would not the whole(not part) of the offensive scheme have to be changed in order for Brunson to fit??

    Before you answer think about what Knicks offense looks like full court and then Half-Court. Think about the ball ????!!
    The conclusion question is easy .. the BALL is in PF Randle hands in a full-court or half-court offense having head coach Fizdale, Miller, and Thibs.
    1) Randle's transition talent on offense is awful.
    2) Randle's half-court offense talent is up and down 50-50 ..
    Up for his ISO-Bully-Ball scoring ..
    Down for his dribble-dribble causing no ball-movement in the offense.

    Does Rick Brunson have the talent & quality to be the head coach of the Knicks?
    The Knicks next top-assistant head coach should have experience/talent/and all the qualities to become a 4 year NBA head coach.
    Coach Thibs NBA 2021-22 82 game season performance showed (he got what he wanted the previous season COY), now he is ready to retire from being a NBA head coach. But the Knicks FO refuse to fire him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by htr10 View Post
    Let’s call a spade a spade here. If we can’t attract a free agent when we literally just hired his dad, then we should just give up on free agency forever.

    This is typical Knicks strategy which never seems to work out.

    Truth is if we do not make any drastic changes we will just be the same as last year.................Not a hockey fan but seeing the crowd at the Garden only makes me wonder if we will ever experience that as a Knicks fan again.

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