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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dragon View Post
    Other than pick and roll, how can you get Mitch involved with Offence with his skill set?
    On every offensive-possession MitchRob is giving a pick for Randle, or screening for another teammate but never receive the ball. If Quickley never started throwing alley-oops to Obi Toppin we would've never knew Obi Toppin had a speedy above the rim transition scoring skill set.

    Imagine Spurs Murray & Quickley at the point and having Obi & MitchRob front court .. 2-Way temple game

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    I hope Mitch runs from this dysfunctional front office. Nobody passes to him, so he’ll
    Be happier elsewhere.

    Then, Leon Rose can officially have egg on his face for losing his lone asset for nothing, all while asleep on draft and dealing away a lottery pick to erase his own mistake 11 months ago.

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