yea alot of people have been waived in the past few days....

Chris Crawford, Kenny Anderson and Gary Payton of Atlanta
Zendon Hamilton of Houston
Jamison Brewer of San Antonio
Glenn Robinson and Dale Davis of New Orleans
Wesley Person of Miami
Jahidi White of Charlotte
Alan Henderson of Milwaukee
Elden Campbell of New Jersey
Kedrick Brown of Philadelphia

On a side note Dale Davis is expected to sign with Indiana. Kenny Anderson has signed with the Clippers. Alan Henderson resigned with Dallas and Gary Payton is expected to sign back with Boston...

The point im getting to is if the league officials find anything interesting in the trading, waiving and the resigning from the team traded from in the Alan Henderson and more importantly Gary Payton scenario Boston could be in trouble here. Much like the Joe Smith and Minnesota situation not too long aslong as there careful with this he should be back in Boston but who knows he wants a ring bad hell go with Pheonix. but Barbosa has stepped it up lately and i have a hard time thinking Gary will accept a backup role behind Nash.