In the words of my boy Tony Realli from "Around the Horn"...."alright alright alright" haha, welcome to the very first edition of "Today in the NBA" most likely it will be a monday-friday thread most likely not as detailed as this one either I have to balance between this and finishing up a script but here it is, go easy on it and enjoy...

No longer can Mic Jagger sing that he "Can't get no Transactions" because here we go with the leagues Signings, Waivings, Tradings and important IL placements around the NBA.

Indiana- 1. Waived Forward Michael Curry. The 15 year veteran, now off his 6th team, was averaging 13.8 minutes per game, 1.5 rebounds per game and 4.5 points per game for the Indiana Pacers. 2. Signed Center Dale Davis. Davis who played for Indiana 9 years, after being drafted by them, was recently traded by Golden State to the New Orleans and even more recently released by them. He is expected to sign the veteran minimum for the remainder of the season. 3. Forward Jermaine O'Neal placed on IL. Im not going to talk about IL movements that much but in this case i thought it should be talked about.After being unintentionally kneed by Marbury in the ribs in one game his right shoulder was then dislocated the following game against Orlando. Wish Jermaine the best of health, and to his credit made both foul shots following the injury with his left arm!!! Jordan style! haha

Detroit- 1. Signed Center Elden Campbell. After signing with Detroit in 2003 he was traded to Utah in January (in the Carlos Arroyo deal) then waived, picked up New Jersey (never reported***) waived by them in March...and is now back with Detroit.

Chicago- 1. Forward Luol Deng placed on IL. Another starting player for another eastern team goes down. Sadly rookie Small Forward for the Bulls Luol Deng has been injured on a play by Houston's Tracy McGrady. McGrady apologized after the game for the incident. Get well Luol!!!

Boston- 1. Signed Guard Gary Payton. Well well well look whos back. After being traded to the Hawks by the Celtics then waived Gary is back with the team that traded him. One, I hope the league doesnt look into the moves of Payton in the past month and Two, boy is the Celtics looking stacked. What a turn around in attitude for Payton though, after being traded to BeanTown by LA and unwillingly reporting (under speculation he wouldnt***) hes signed a free agency deal with them. How the league works?!

*** I am so sick of professional players not being professional. From Dale Davis, to Gary Payton, to Elden Campbell, Jimmy Jackson and so on. Listen being traded is part of the game and I know you have families or (insert another excuse here) but cmon. This is part of the game. You get dealt pack up and move. Be a man and a be a professional. It's disgusting.

Nothing to do with Lindsay Lohan sadly enough, but yes this is Rumors. The part of this thread dedicated to the speculation and facts regarding anything news worthy around the league. Heres my Top 5.

#5. Miami- Alonzo Mourning made some bold statements towards Rod Thorn of the Nets franchise. He gave the general feeling of how the Nets organization betrayed him. Last I checked they gave him a 4 year deal for around 22.6 million dollars (when knowing he was sick), they kept him on the roster while he was debating retirement, then when wanting out they traded him, allowing them to get Carter and Mourning to go somewhere where they would buy out his contract....letting him sign anywhere he wants, aka Miami. Whats the big deal here?

#4. Orlando- Doug Christie apparently not happy with his new team. Losing his starting job, minutes, and overall success since coming from Sacramento. "I didn't really know what to expect when I got here, but I didn't expect this," Christie said. "I don't even know what to say. Disappointed is an understatement." Hmm well in regards to this statement Coach Johnny Davis stated he realizes that Christie is struggling with the transition to a new team, but he needs the veteran guard to snap out of his funk and make a contribution. Christie is shooting just 36.7 percent from the floor since the trade, and his defense has been lacking...Christie is signed through next year for a lump sum of 8.2 million.

#3. Cleveland- Continue to cozy up to Zydrunas Iglauskas' agent Herb Rudoy. Even allowing him to watch the games from the plush suites. The Center who has played his whole career in Cleveland could become a free agent next year and Cleveland and especially LeBron does not want this to happen....honestly it probably wont.

#2. Portland- Damon Stoudamire, the 9 year PG veteran who becomes a free agent next year, feels these are his last days in good ole Portland. After Wallace, O'Neal, Wells and Coach Dunleavy leaving the team he quote "look at everybody else and they're in a position to prosper and I'm the last man standing". More than likely Stoudamire, a former rookie of the year, WILL become a free agent this offseason and I'm sure there will be a few teams looking for a veteran point guard or point guard in general to join their team...maybe the Lakers? the Rockets? Minnesota or Utah? The possiblities are endless.

#1. Chicago- On an exclusive interview with WSCR-AM (670), Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf had more than a few interesting words about starting disgruntled Center Eddy Curry. Even though he admitted Curry is a big help in their teams success "Reinsdorf seemed to balk at the idea of signing Curry to a huge contract "I don't know where it's written that [Curry is] going to get big money,'' Reinsdorf said. "Let's wait and see what happens.''...take that for what its worth but he also stated that he was confident that Coach Skiles would be locked down for atleast one more year of coaching eluding to speculation of Curry's status with the franchise. Curry has publicly stated difference between him and Skiles, conflicts in playing time and the overall uncertainity of wanting to play under him again.

ThE sCoReBoArD
Orlando Magic 111
New York Knicks 89

Philadelphia 76ers 98
Cleveland Cavaliers 89

Boston Celtics 104
Charlotte Bobcats 84

New Orlean Hornets 77
Utah Jazz 64

Golden State Warriors 103
Washington Wizards 90

Memphis Grizzlies 86
Toronto Raptors 75

Indiana Pacers 106
Portland Trailblazers 97

Seattle Supersonics 95
Detroit Pistons 95

Minnesota Timberwolves 103
Milwaukee Bucks 97

Miami Heat 104
Sacramento Kings 83

San Antonio Spurs 102
Chicago Bulls 99

Los Angeles Lakers 108
Dallas Mavericks 103

Would have done all the team colors two-way team colors but its too much for a color blind kid haha. Hit me up if you know how to put pictures on here. I asked someone already but they havent responded. thanks...

Special thanks to the Portland Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Florida Today, Cleveland Plain Dealer and the New York Post

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