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Transactions, Transactions read all about 'em..SOOO here we go with the leagues Signings, Waivings, Tradings and important IL placements around the NBA.

1.Activated guard Tony Delk. 2.Placed center Michael Stewart on the injured list.

1.Activated guard Derek Anderson. 2.Placed forward Zach Randolph on the injured list.

1.Activated guard Dahntay Jones. 2.Placed guard Andre Emmett on the injured list.

1.Activated forward Eddie Griffin 2.Placed center Ervin Johnson on the injured list.

1.Activated forward Erik Daniels. 2.Placed center Brad Miller on the injured list.

Like tomorrows courtroom at the Congressional hearings, this is also filled with big people and even bigger rumors ANYWAY lets get to the part of this thread dedicated to the speculation and facts regarding anything news worthy around the league. Heres my Top 5.

#5.ANOTHER JORDAN IN THE MAKING::OVER HYPED??Michael Jordan's son, Marcus Jordan, has been described as the best eighth-grade basketball player in the state of Illinois. We can't tell you much about the seventh-grade and sixth-grade crop of basketball players in Illinois, but there must be a Web site somewhere tracking these middle school magicians. But apparently, the 6-foot 2-inch Marcus Jordan appears to be a high-level prospect

#4. AGENT SHAQ:::NYK SAY NO TO PHIL??The market for Phil Jackson has been set - according to his new agent, Shaquille O'Neal, anyway. Joking with the New York media contingent last night at Madison Square Garden, O'Neal said his former coach would need a five-year contract that includes the general manager's title."If he goes back [to Los Angeles], we're not taking less than $20 million," O'Neal said, tongue in cheek.What about the Knicks? "Ten, 12."Dropping the charade, O'Neal offered his take on a recent Jackson interview about the Lakers' job, saying, "It didn't look like he wanted to come back. You have to realize that he's a smart individual and he knows what he's doing."Asked if Jackson feels any sentimental pull to coach the Knicks because he played for them, O'Neal said, "I'm not sure. But I'd like to see Herb Williams get a shot, a full year ... I just think he should get a shot rather than always trying to hire the superstar coach. The Knicks started off kind of slow, and he's brought them back to where they are now. You want to see good people get the job."Told he could help Williams by tanking the Heat's two games against the Knicks this week, Shaq said, "No way, no way."

#3.EARTH TO HOUSTON:::BACK BEFORE END OF SEASON??Allan Houston says he is making progress in his latest rehabilitation stint and remains optimistic that he will play again this season. "I believe so," Houston said yesterday. "I'm just making my progress. I can't tell you that next week this will happen, or that the following week this will happen. All I can tell you is it definitely has made a lot of progress." Houston missed his 24th straight game and 42nd overall due to soreness in his arthritic left knee. He hasn't appeared in a game or a practice since Jan. 19. "I feel that between now and the end of the season, I'll be ready to play," Houston said. "That's all I can tell you. The way it feels and the way it's gone, that's just all I can tell you. Without driving myself crazy with too many details, I just have a feeling that I will because it's getting better and the way I feel it's moving during my exercises."...Allan Houston said yesterday that he and the Knicks' medical staff didn't take his arthritic knee condition seriously enough earlier this season, had the wrong approach to treating it and forced a premature return in December.Houston said a new set of "measuring sticks" are in place, as is a revised rehab program that's concentrating on several parts of his leg, not just his knee. Houston, who has played in 20 of the 62 games this season, indicated the new plan of attack may compromise his chances of returning this season since the "standards" are higher. "Realizing what I'm doing now and the progress I had and have to make, there's no way I should have been out there," Houston said of his December comeback. Since, Houston said, "The whole staff sat down, talked about it and went to good people. We didn't evaluate it in that much depth the first time. We didn't say we have to look at this thing seriously. Now that we did, we all see where we have to go." Houston, once emphatic he'd return, was now not quite as sure. Indeed, with five weeks left to the season, Houston is running out of time. However, he said he's willing to return, even if it means playing only the final week. "I feel between now and the end of the season I'll be ready to play," Houston said. "I just have a feel I will because it's getting better."

#2. UHAS ON THE MARKET:::MIA? ATL? CLE???Atlanta and Cleveland will be among teams with substantial cap space that are expected to pursue Heat restricted free agent Udonis Haslem this summer. Miami can offer a contract starting at no more than $5 million, and hopes that will be enough. Haslem, incidentally, is holding his own statistically against seven other power forwards who have started alongside Shaquille O'Neal (Horace Grant, A.C. Green, Dennis Rodman, Robert Horry, Samaki Walker and Travis Knight and the final NBA season of Karl Malone).Entering Tuesday, Haslem's shooting percentage (54.4/fourth in the NBA) topped any Shaq PF partner except Grant, who shot 56.7 percent alongside O'Neal in 1994-95. Haslem's 9.2 rebounds per game rank third among O'Neal's PF partners -- topping Malone's 8.0 average last year -- while his 11.3 scoring average ranked fourth among the eight. And Haslem's numbers -- projected over 48 minutes -- actually increase when Shaq isn't on the floor gobbling up rebounds.''He's the top no-name power forward I've ever had,'' Shaq said.

#1.SHUTTLESWORTH ON THE MARKET:::SEA? LAC? NYK?...DA BULLS??Allen is a free agent after this season and has talked openly about leaving Seattle. He's arguably the best shooting guard in the NBA, a position the Bulls need with Ben Gordon being a classic sixth man. It's doubtful the Bulls would have major salary cap room this summer, so it's unlikely they would be a candidate for Allen. Would Allen be interested in the Bulls? "Whatever team I feel is the right situation is where I'll go," Allen said. "Chicago is a great market to play in. I always envied this city being in Milwaukee. The opportunity for players is greater. Tradition is very rich and they're not far from Jordan's era. "But you have to see their direction. You can sign with a team and not know. Look at Jason Kidd in New Jersey. They were going in the direction he wanted and then, boom, they're trading everyone. I wouldn't eliminate Chicago at all."

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