sites do NOT confirm anything. A player confirms. Until Williams says I declare myself eligible for the 2005 nba draft...then hes not confirmed at all.

true the jay thing was different, but it could happen to anyone. and as this kid has potential you shouldnt put THAT much faith in him. nothing is 99.9% true unless were speaking of your overhyping him. haha yes he can be a great player, but Olowokandi could have been a great player. you just dont know until they make it to the nba. and play an nba style game.

whats wrong with Jermaine O'Neal? Oh im sorry you said it would be a disappointment if he was as good as O'Neal...then you said hes going to be a Jermaine O'Neal type...sorry i was confused...wait i still am John Kerry haha

alright i dont care passionately about this topic and im just joking around. but still dont put so much faith in one player. anything can happen and ANYONE can be a bust.