hubie brown last year did a phenomenol job with the grizzlies and was regarded as one of the best coaches in the league. this year, he all of a sudden decided to retire when the team was only doing mediocre. his replacement, mike fratello, is now being credited with brining up the team.

denvers last coach jeff b. was given credit for helping to turnaround the the team. the team started to play bad. he got fired. now karl has replaced him and done well and is getting a lot of credit for that.

these are just two examples, i am sure i could come up with many more, but doesnt it seem like being successfull as a coach is very "iffy". new coaches are constatntly given credit for short term success after the previous coach left. karl, for example has been fired before for NOT helping a team perform up to its ability. now, all of a sudden, he has become a great coach again?

is the same thing happening with herb? are people giving him too much credit? is there really that much of a difference between a good coach and a bad coach? does it all just depend on the situation, and what the players themselves do?