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    Default Clyde Frazier's Belated Birthday!!!!!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday to Walt "Clyde" Frazier!

    I thought it will be interesting to see some of the things he says:


    adjacent - next to; adjoining Sprewell will inbound the ball adjacent to the Knicks bench.

    altruistic - showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others A very altruistic Robinson here tonight - looking for his teammates.

    aroused - to stir up, excite And the crowd at Madison Square Garden is aroused!

    auspicious - marked by success Sprewell off to an auspicious beginning here tonight.


    baffling - to frustrate by confusing or perplexing; stymie The Knicks defense is baffling the Hawks.

    bedevil - to torment mercilessly, to plague It's the little things that bedevil losing teams.

    blunder - A usually serious mistake typically caused by ignorance or confusion Ratliff makes a blunder there by fouling Eisley.


    diminutive - extremely small in size Dion Glover is diminutive at 6'5".

    diligent - marked by painstaking effort Glenn Robinson has been working diligently.


    egregious - conspicuously bad or offensive as in "an egregious blunder"


    impotence - the quality of lacking strength or power Harrington is providing the impotence on the defensive boards.


    neophyte - a beginner or novice Two points there for the young neophyte.


    omnipotence - having unlimited power or authority There you see the omnipotence of Rahim right there.

    omnipresent - present in all places at the same time There's the omnipresent Ewing with another rebound.


    penchant - a strong inclination The Knicks have a penchant for turning the ball over late in the game.

    precocious - characterized by early maturity The precocious rookie is playing well tonight.

    prodigious - impressively great in size, force or extent Sprewell is off to a prodigious start.

    prolific - producing abundant works or results Houston is off to a prolific start in the second half.

    prudent - wise in handling practical matters The Knicks are doing the prudent thing featuring Sprewell in the early going.


    quantum - something that can be counted or measured Rahim with a quantum leap!


    rejuvenate - to restore to an original or new condition A rejuvinated Van Horn keeps the Knicks in the game.

    riveting - to engross or hold The Knicks are playing riveting defense.


    serendipidty - the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident The ball comes off of Robinson's leg and goes right to Houston for three - a little serendipity right there.

    stupor - a state of mental numbness The Knicks have a tendency to go into stupors.


    tumultuous - noisy and disorderly Rahim has had a tumultuous night so far.


    uncanny - peculiarly unsettling as if supernatural in nature Jason Terry is an uncanny shooter from three.

    Walt Frazier's Rhyme Time

    "Out-muscling and out-hustling"

    "(Enter Team) have been persistent, but the Knicks have been resistent"

    "(Enter player) with fire and desire"

    "Dishing and swishing"

    "Houston is the master blaster as he hits from three again."

    "Movin' and Grovin'!"

    "Slicing and Dicing to the hoop!"

    "Swooping and Hooping"

    "Bounding and Astounding"

    "Wheeling and Dealing"

    "Driving and Mesmerizing"

    Some More of Clyde's Favorite Sayings

    "The court is 50-feet wide, but it's not wide enough for Houston!"

    (After an impressive dunk) "My homeboy (enter name) rocks the house with the good stuff!"

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    its about time somebody made a clyde dictionar.. lol this is great, i love the rhymes, its funny because hes so right, he says those all the time!! great work

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    you can find a big list of the words he's using, right here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Happy Birthday!!

    FYI: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] | [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] | [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    i dont even want to imagine how much time that must have taken them to make that list.. thats insane, i basically luaged at every signle word, and phrase on the list.

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    Happy Birthday Clyde. I love Clyde, he is so funny and his phrases are great.

    Nice link, Rady
    "One Team, One New York"

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