please tell me those two clown gm's could check the forums for suggestions just this once... DO NOT TAKE KAMAN OR SLAVO OR THAT POLISH GUY MY GOD you take collison hes good enough to play on teh olympic team! christ even ridnour would be good for teh knicks at the point but i dont want another doleac on my team i cant take it im sorry please you know those guys will be scrubs take the talent and dont trade the pick for washed up veteran scrubs!!!!! WHO WANTS ANOTHER MCDYESS did you all like the suffering that bastard gave us did you?! this is honestly a cry for help why the hell do they have to embarass our great city and team till we end up a joke like the clippers franchise we are terrible and were as old as the jazz wtf get a good pick!!!!!1 please read this and take something from it!!!!!!1