I decided to make a thread on the race for us to get into the Lottery. Here are the standings as of 4/1/05. The games of this night are not included yet.

1.Atlanta Hawks 11-60
2.Charlotte Bobcats 15-56
3.New Orleans Hornets 16-54
4.Utah Jazz 22-49
5.Portland Trailblazers 24-46
6.Golden St. Warriors 26-45
7.Milwaukee Bucks 27-44
8.New York Knicks 29-42
9.Toronto Raptors 30-42
10.Los Angeles Clippers 32-40

Games we need to watch out for on 4/1
Raptors @ Bobcats, Raptors Win
Clippers @ Pistons
Trailblazers @ Sonics
Warriors @ Jazz

Currently we are 8th in the race for the lottery. Lol.