the shooting guard should typically be the best offensive threat on a team. a good shooting guard can get 20 points, 6 rebs and 6 assists a game and play good defense.

jamal crawford only gets the 20 points a game. he doesnt rebound well at his position, doesn't pass the pall particularly well, and does not play good defense.

paul pierce, ben gordon, lebron james, michael finley, jerry stackhouse, carmelo anthony, rip hamilton, jason richardson, tmac, kobe, d wade, m redd, etc are all better players. crawford is an AVERAGE shooting guard (maybe thats even a stretch), and my guess is that he will NEVER become an elite player. he's been in the league long enough. by the time a player hits 25, if he still hasnt become a star, it will never happen. even players that came out of high school like kg, tmac and kobe all achieved a great deal of success by 25. crawford didn't, and he wont.

its funny how isiah becommes so enamored wiht certain players (marbury, crawford) that no other gm's in the league seem to really care about. if any other gm actually likes crawford, i would gladly trade him (for the right players of course).