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Teams have used as an excuse an NBA e-mail alerting them to Lampe's contract problems. The biggest factor in Lampe's drop, the Knicks believe, is the agent not letting non-lottery teams work him out. Most teams scouted just a couple of his games.

"The Knicks got a break," one lottery-team executive said. "Sometimes teams aren't flexible enough to change their plan. It's a great excuse, the contract, instead of saying we didn't do our homework. Those contract things always get worked out."

Keith Kreiter, Lampe's agent, said, "Teams overanalyzed it and made a mistake. He's got as much upside as anyone after the top three."

When converted, the buyout figure is roughly $2 million. Since the Knicks are permitted under the CBA to pay just $350,000, Lampe would have to foot the rest.

Unless they dip into their $4.9M mid-level exception for free agents, the Knicks can only pay a second-round pick the NBA minimum $400,000. Even though Lampe makes substantially less in Spain, he still would come out losing money.

However, Kreiter said the $2M buyout figure is "very negotiable" and their aim is to reduce the figure by being "creative." The Knicks are willing to play an exhibition game in Madrid and conduct coaching clinics for Real Madrid's staff. As a model, Pau Gasol's buyout clause in Spain was $3M but reduced to less than $1M with agreements to play an exhibition game.

The NBA e-mail that allegedly scared off teams read, "We recently advised teams that we received a letter of clearance from FIBA. The letter of clearance is in error." The e-mail reported a buyout clause exists with Real Madrid.

Mike Sweetney, whom the Knicks took at No. 9 to fill their low-post void, doesn't have the upside of Lampe, but he's read y to fit into the rotation immediately. In fact, Don Chaney declared that if Antonio McDyess isn't ready by training camp, the starting power forward position is open.
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