Ill make this short and sweet. Who do you want for the Knicks next coach?

1. Herb Williams-who we have at the moment. A rookie coach but a good playing career. rumor has it, if he stays ole #33 Patrick Ewing will come back to be an assistant coach. That would mean 3 former "big men" on the bench and possibly great teachers to the big men we mite pick up. Williams, Ewing and Aguire.

2. Phil Jackson-who Isiah met with earlier this week. Phil is also optioning Cleveland and LA (where i believe hell end up). Everybody seems to play for Phil and he has 9 rings to prove it. Granted he did coach Pippen, Jordan, O'Neal and Bryant. He needs to coach NY to have coached in all 3 big markets...but would he choose a "rebuilding" team? Then again Cleveland and LA are slightly in the same category. Maybe it all depends on the acquisitions Isiah makes in the offseason...would the triangle work here though and would 10 million a season be worth it?

3. Flip Saunders-who Marbury loves. but it seems Marbury is not even safe anymore. It is just reported that Isiah mite schedule a meeting with Flip later this week, like i previously did with Phil..will this upset Phil? who knows.

4. Larry Brown-who Isiah loves. Larry is getting old and it seems he will retire after this season and if not, its said Kobe is interested and having him as his coach next season...if not Phil right?

PJ Carlesimo, Nate Mcmillan are also rumored its your opinion, your Isiah Thomas you get too choose of any of these rumored candidates...who do you choose?