i don't know what to believe anymore.. this is funny:

Yes, Flip Saunders would be interested in coaching the Knicks. No, he wouldn't confirm if he has spoken to them about the job. Yes, he thinks a team can win with Stephon Marbury. No, he wouldn't be frightened off by rebuilding. That about covers it. "In this league, in the world really, there are 30 great jobs. The best jobs in the world are in the NBA and the Knicks happen to be one of those jobs. So if anyone has an ambition to coach, you look at all 30 jobs," Saunders said last night at the Meadowlands, where he worked as a TNT analyst for the Nets-Heat.
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Star Ledger:
Flip Saunders is more likely to become the next Trail Blazers head coach than the next Knicks head coach. Saunders did not meet with Isiah Thomas yesterday, but he is planning to meet with Portland owner Paul Allen next week, a strong indication that he could end up coaching the Trail Blazers. A person familiar with Saunders' planning revealed the upcoming meeting with Allen. The billionaire wanted to hire Saunders in 2001, when his last contract was up, hoping he would agree to replace the fired Mike Dunleavy.
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Other sourcess are following the first idea
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Now daily news comes with something totally different
NY Daily:
P.J. Carlesimo is one candidate on the Knicks' extensive coaching list with New York roots and friends in high places. One of those A-list pals is Chuck Daly, the Hall of Fame coach who for the past 17 months has an unofficial title of special adviser to Isiah Thomas. "He'd be great," Daly said yesterday over the telephone. "I don't know what the Knicks are going to do, but if they're talking to P.J. that's a good move."
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