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1.) We don't need an All-Star caliber Center. We just need a serviceable bigman that can get us some boards, some blocks, some easy points, and who can clog the paint for us.

Realistic/Available Candidates = Nesterovic, Kwame, J. James
Unrealistic/Unavailable = Ilgauskus, Magloire, Curry, Chandler
we had that in nazr - he was putting up almost a solid double double with a few blocks til we traded him for a pf....
What's your point dude? You read that whole thing and that's your only response?

What do you wanna do, trade back for Nazr? Malik is a championship caliber player and a good role model for our younger players. Like I said, we'll get our Center this summer, using Kurt as trade bait.

I really think Zeke's gonna surprise all of us and go after another All-star caliber player - my preference would be Maggette or Hughes. We'll see.

The Lottery is in a couple days. Lets go Frozen Envelope.