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    Default Kurt Thomas coming back?

    I dont think we should take him back with his recent elbow injuries ( which shouldnt be a problem). He is not a true big man which the knicks league even though he has one sweet jumper he is not what the knicks need, so he has some trade value, where we can get a possible big man. Ilgauskas or some of the younger prospects maybe a draft trade involving him? What do you guys think we can do with him and where could could we get the best trade?

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    Ilgauskas is not the answer!! he's injury prone 2. I like Kurt n appreciate his hard work over the years. but bottom line we need a player w/ speed n size. S Swift from Meph. come 2 mind!!

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    all the knicks got to do is draft chris taft....get chris wilcox or abduraheem and get rid of kurt thomas wit penny

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    k thomas as an aging PF who will only get worse as time goes on. id easily trade him, i just dont know if any teams would be willing to give back much in return for him.

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