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I know I'll get killed for this one! However, it is now time for Marbury to be traded. It is evident to me that his teammates don't like him. Also, non-role players has ever excelled with him. He disappointed me in the Olympics. He dissappointed me against the Nets in the play-offs. He was delusional in thinking that he was the best PG in the league. You don't say you are the best PG in the league. Your teammates should say that you are the best PG. You can't win with Doleac and Van Horn because they can't play defense just like him. I'd rather see Isiah trade Marbury for Shaun Livingston from the Clippers. He's 6'8" point/forward that is a true point guard. Bottom line he passes the ball and sets up teammates. He can get scorers involved. I'm hearing too many notions that perhaps now Marbury can move to shooting guard now with Richardson here. We have some scorers here now it's time to draft a young big-man and get a point-guard. Stop this love affair with Marbury.
yea u will get killed because KNick fans bithc on Marbury all the time... how do you know his teammates dont like him? you've heard the convorsations in the locker room? In the olympics, on a US team that had a month to practice with each other, they won a medal, and it wasnt like he set a US scoring record or anyhing.. oh he did? as for the comment, everyone is supposed to think they are the bset at something, or they wont achieve their potentiol..there are hundereds of guys in the NBA who think they're the best but they dont say it, marbury made a mistake and did say it....for our love affair with him, there are few Knick fans who really love Marbury, but he does do all the right stuff. 22 points, 8 assists, and 3 boards per game, is the right thing... i seriously doubt Marbury is the problem, and if we cant win with him, what makes you think we can win with Livingston. get real