Great moves! You guys wait and see. I see what Isaih's doing and I love it. I was begging for Stromile Swift, Kwamie Brown, Jamal Crawford since last year (check the archives on this site). This season we will be their at the end! If we get either Stromile Swift or Kwamie Brown, I will be confident about our chances to unseat the Pistons and definately over throw the Riley bunch. By getting Swift or Brown our defense will drastically improve. Both have limited playoff experience. Still, that goes a long way. You watch! We will be top 5 in defense. No one will be talking about our "bad perimeter defenders" because they will like look a different bunch because of the presence of shot-blockers behind them in Fryer and either Swift or Brown. I rather Brown for his size. i like that we're going to be younger and bigger with a good sprinkle of vets. Also with Jackie Butler there as well to learn we'll be a deep bench. I think he can be in the class of Ducan. Yeah, laugh now but I'm good at evaluating talent. Most of all with the depth we're going to have, that will allow players like Ariza, Rose, Williams, Robinson to come in and be very physical with opponets. The Bad Boys are back!

PG Marbury / Robinson
SG Crawford / Anfernee Hardaway
SF Richardson / Tim Thomas / Trevor Ariza
PF Frye / Taylor / Jerome Williams / Lee
C Brown / Jackie Butler / Rose