" Knicks: A number of team executives say the Knicks have been the most active team during the first five days of the free-agency period.
Team president Isiah Thomas is trying everything to remake the team's roster. That includes, according to multiple team executives, offering Stephon Marbury to the highest bidder. The problem is that no one seems interested in the four years, $76 million left on his contract.

Thomas is willing to trade Marbury to the Sixers for Samuel Dalembert (in a sign-and-trade), according to two league sources. To get a deal to work under the CBA, the deal would have to be expanded because of base-year issues with Dalembert. A trade of Marbury and Tim Thomas for Dalembert, Jamal Mashburn, Aaron McKie and Kevin Ollie works under the cap.

The Knicks' plan would be to move Jamal Crawford to the point, with Quentin Richardson at the two. Channing Frye would play the four, with Dalembert at the five.

Would the Sixers make that trade? They would have the most dynamic (or is that combustible?) backcourt in the league (Marbury and Allen Iverson) and would get to dump two bad contracts. But losing Dalembert at center, with only Marc Jackson left to roam the middle, would be a high price to pay.

If they can't convince the Sixers to deal, the Knicks might be willing to do a smaller deal that sends Marbury to the Hawks for Al Harrington, Tony Delk and Jason Collier. If the Hawks really want veterans (see below), this could be the way to go.

Thomas also has set his sights on several other top free agents. Thomas has been wooing Kwame Brown, Antoine Walker and Stromile Swift but has only enough cash (with the mid-level exception) to bring one guy -- unless, that is, he can work out a sign-and-trade for one and use his mid-level on another. The goal, sources say, is to sign Walker with the mid-level and work out a sign-and-trade with Washington that ships Sweetney back to D.C., where he played his college ball at Georgetown. "


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