Magloire would not have much of an impact the guy does nothing offensively and is only slightly above average defensively.
Neither would Dalembert, who's basically a backup to the great Marc Jackson. He had a good playoff series but he's extremely limited offensively and an injury waiting to happen.
Dalembert would upgrade the defense and it would be a great move salary cap wise.
I'm not sure Philly would do it. you have the contracts first of all. Then you have two players who need the ball in their hands to be effective. They still wouldn't get by Detroit so I see no point.

If I moved Marbury it would probably be for Al Harrington who has a very reasonable salary and you could turn around and deal him even in a sign and trade for a Tyson Chandler or see what was available for Q/Crawford (nothing probably). Maybe Atlanta would also give you Childress. Those guys could really use a point guard and someone to at least make them respectable. They might not want to contaminate their young talent with Marbury's attitude.

If Marbury goes then Nate Rob is the starting point because Crawford is not a point guard. The guy doesn't know the meaning of the words drive or pass. Unless you're looking for Charlie Ward plus 200 missed threes a night you don't put that guy at the point.
Anyway Zeke loves Marbury and I doubt if he'll trade him unless he gets something solid.