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    NooO if Starbury gets traded i'd lose all respect for Isiah.. Stephon is better thann the whole Atlanta team anyways. He still has a good 5 years in New York...
    Quuuuuuuentinnn Richarddsonnn

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    My probablem with Marbury is his inability to make players around him better. I watch him miss cutters all the time. When was the last time you saw him get an easy basket for some one. Kick-outs are the only types of assist he can get. I saw Tim Thomas and Crawford give up on him as the season went along. Two known scorers couldn't seem to flourish with Marbury. Also, he was terrible in the Olympics. He was afraid to shoot from the outside and allowed Arujo (Detroits backup point guard) to dominate him for what I think was 33 points in the lost to Puerto Rico. No one acclaims or praises him. He is not a likeable person. And that can't be the case with a point guard. He's a distant second to Kidd in the
    Tri-State. And can't hold a candle to A.I. Bottom line is with the additions that we've made we would be better-off fiscally and on the court if we could acquire a big-man by trading Marbury. Isiah should be trying to work-out a deal which includes Marbury to get Stromile Swift signed. Defense win games. And shot-blockers brings defense. With swift we'd have three above average shotblockers.

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