Knicks lead 45-33 at halftime... Nate and David Lee are making Isiah look very smart... Can I be the first to say I TOLD YOU SO when it comes to Channing Frye (check out the Official Draft Thread) the guy isn't what he was hyped to be: he is money at the stripe, has a good midrange shot and plays good offtheball defense, but that means he's fit to play the 4 more than the 5 (like we need another pf) but he absolutely stinks on the boards and on post D (PJ Ramos is from PR and I can tell you that if he's eating up Frye it means there isn't much we can get from him at the 5 for a loooooopng time)...Gerald Green was the better choice with the 8th pick but no use in crying now. Its just that I can hear all the fools that wanted this Frye kid eventually realize this was not the right pick.